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Wedding photos and more of South Padre Island,Tx. ...

Wedding Photos and Video and more...

From classic and romantic wedding photos to custom, edgy, wedding styles, there are 100’s or Wedding pictures in our galleries from real weddings, (here on South Padre Island). All photos are produced by Island Event Photos and not collection for other web site and national magazines; we live here and work here.

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Beach Wedding

South Padre Island, we work with you at your Resort Hotel, Beach house or mid island hotel ....

Beach Portraits

Sunset portrait setting for you and your family, work with 2 photographers to get the best family portraits on the beaches of South Padre Island, we have fun ....


We work with you to get the best view of your business, or event from the air, using a fixed wing airplane, Helicopter, Power Hang glider, Parasail, or Fly Drone, Go Pro for water actives, we will get the photos you want.

Photography Video

Special photography and video to show your produces, food, actives, and location bring your business to live ...

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Photo, Video and Live Cams

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Destionation Beach Weddings

Experience a Destination Wedding Texas Style

Bridal parties and Grooms partysouth padre island wedding on the beach at resort hotel

Photos start with the bride getting ready and all her maid, and mother with her, we have a great time, we work with you to make sure we lesson and know what is important to you. Notice in the photos, the bow on the dress is being tied by her mother, this is mother dress remade for daughter, and this was common years ago we just don’t see it as much.  

The bride maid are help the bride with the veil as mom watches, a few tear do fall, but out of joy, is this cool I get to hear and share the great story of your life and I get to have a camera on you, I do love my work.  

The bride too gets a little tearful too, just do let the make-up run, some of the wedding party are laughing we also get a few more tears.  

I do try to get a minute alone with the Bride putting on the last few details, I know about all the nerves before the weddings, rarely is it about the groom it is more all the people watching, some just don’t do will as center of attention. I work with that and get more candid style photo, my favorite.


Grooms Room Too  south padre island beach wedding with the grooms party getting ready.

The Groom party is a little different for the bride’s party; we come in last just before the ceremony, getting the flower pin on by mom or sometimes by the planner.  Just waiting on the girl and having there set of nerves too, most do admit to it, but you can see how happy they are to be with there friend and family, so wedding are about both equally. And when the have kid we really have fun. Wedding are about family coming together.


Beach Weddings

south padre beach wedding No wedding is the same, won’t want that, you and your family make the event, we do love what we do and I have been told is shows, need more info that you see here, just use the contact for to set a time to meet, we can do this on the phone, with facetime, or if you are planning a trip to South Padre Island, Tx. Let me know I have great rate at some to the best hotel on the island, and  the best way to know it this is the right hotel for your wedding is to came in the off season. 


south padre island beach wedding and kids We are unquiet photography company because we also plan wedding and events, we work with the best the island has to offer, so if you just need photos or video or both we can do that, but if you also need help with the planning, location, and lodge we are here for you. Take a look at Beach Bride Guides for more info on our planning service all package come with our photos and video service.


south padre wedding and horse on the beach We have been photographer and videographers here on South Padre Island, TX for 10 year and I have been a Bridal Consultant scents 1982, I have meet and work with all the wedding venders on this island and can show you photos and video of past events.  That is the best place to start planning your wedding day. Also take an online tour go to live cams at the best wedding locations, we can also stream your wedding live. Need more info just us the contact for to request more.


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